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when ya mom calls u to say shes on her way home and u still havent done the thingy she asked u to

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Niall taking Liam’s goals very seriously +

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I whispered something in her ear that I just can’t repeat

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Niall singing cry me a river, 9/8

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Niall tries to hug the audience… and is super adorable about it.

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I wish I never had to think about you


I wish I never had to think about you

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okay so when i saw the amnesia video the whole time I was watching it I was thinking about another song and how well it would go with the video if I cut out a few bits.

so after some editing and a couple of hours of patience and cutting down this song and stuff I finally finished.

no doubt youtube will take this down just as quickly as I put it up but oh well!

i’m so in love with the ending it’s unreal (also very sorry about the long water bit at the beginning, i had to make up the time lost from cutting somehow)


This is genius srsly I love this

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